Live Dealer Hold’em is an online live dealer which offers Australian casino players a much more relaxed, even slower-paced experience than the regular software games. Live Dealer Games has a live video stream, which allows you to dictate the outcome of the game and you don’t have to rely on the RNG. But beware of Live Dealer Casino scam sites because they might take your money. All you have to do before playing the game is use your Blacklisted Casinos section to avoid being scammed.

Texas Hold’em is one of the most played poker version, a favourite of players all around the world. It has huge tournaments aired on popular TV stations. It is even featured in the “James Bond: Casino Royale movie”. Even though it’s just a game, it will really change your live poker experience with the realistic atmosphere felt during the game.

Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, they all offer live deal Casino Hold’em (w/ identical house rules). They all feature usually to bet types: the so-called Ante, which gives you a few pocket cards, and also you can look at the Flop. The bet named “Call” is when you can have a look on the dealer’s card, the River and the Turn. The amount you can win with Hold’em poker depends on your hand: if it’s a high quality hand, you win more. On the Ante bet, you can get 100:1 payouts.

Do you love playing card games? Don’t worry, Live Texas Hold’em allows everyone to play their favourite card game which you can enjoy betting. And the fun doesn’t stop right there because following the trail the live blackjack and roulette games cleared, the Live Texas Hold’em brings you the thrill of this game to your computer, and it even gives an extra spice to it, by offering you a live dealer to play against from a real Casino.

But I think the questions that are on your minds is, “How Live Casino Texas Hold’em does really work?” or “How do we interact with the Live Dealer?” Well if we still don’t have any idea about its fundamentals, it is the same as in a live real cash Texas Hold’em game, you are going to place real money bet in AUD, against the dealer, who has to play by the rules, and can’t in fact benefit of the tricks they know!How about the interaction to the Live Dealer?


Live Dealer Casino Gaming

It’s not the same to the other games that show us a mere graphical interface, this time, there will be a real human dealer who is visible via live stream of video through the internet. They are going to place hand out physical cards on an actual table while you can place the online credits as bets using an on-screen option which you would often do in other Internet gambling games. The gameplay would be quite slower, but conveniently realistic!


Choose only the Best

There are many Live Dealer Hold’emversions to choose from on the Internet, but how do we find the best one? We want you to have the best live croupier real money Hold’em games, that’s why we only list the best gambling site for Aussies which we feel can take responsibility and liability to our players.


Play Live Dealer Games for the Best Experience

If the best is what keeps us searching, we should play the games that use real dealers because it is usually referred to as the best, most exciting way to play casino games online. Keep in mind though, the live Texas Hold’em poker usually has a higher limit of the minimal bet.


What to Expect in Live Dealer Hold’em

If the player hasn’t tried live games, but he/she wants to do so, the expectations and the player’s bankroll has to be properly adjusted to be suitable for Live Hold’em.Since the live games require more resources, the casinos have to take in to consideration the set-up and maintenance costs of the streaming, they have to hire actual croupiers. These are the factors which pushed the live games to the direction of aiming for the serious players only – and the only way to do so is to setup higher betting limits, starting at a high minimum.



As we go further, we should consider answering the frequently asked questions by many of the potential players/current players that have doubts in playing the game:
Can I participate in Live Texas Hold’em tournaments?

First, the problem on having these tournaments is the high demand of croupiers at many different tables which is why most live dealer casinos won’t offer them. And second, if you’re really a big fan of playing tournaments, your best option would be to play regular Hold’em online.

Can I trust live poker games?

Yes, you can but we cannot generalize all live poker games. But reviewers can assure that every live game, including poker, baccarat, blackjack or roulette undergo the strictest and meticulous test to have an assurance to the players that it is fair. The professional and independent reviewers and testers make sure the games are working properly, and they are not rigged. And besides, the live dealer games will display their licenses and certifications which will be visible and accessible on the site and you can confidently think that it’s a legal, and proper site, where the games work the same as playing the real life casino gameplay.

Do I need a webcam?

Not necessarily. Only the video of the Live Dealer will be streamed live. But some websites will allow players to use webcams to see one another during the game, but then the dealer isn’t usually streamed and the bandwidth requirements will be greater than normal.

Can I play the game at any time?

No. There would be a specific timeline for every table since the casinos have to hire real-life people, so they can be there only in normal hours. There are hardly any 24/7 live tables. It’s the result and the only issue of employing, playing real human dealers.


Is live play safe?

Absolutely. It is very safe given the top sites that we highly recommend. We can assure you can bet safely!

Live Dealer Game requires tactical strategies to begin with. The house edge is around 0.80% when playing it with optimal strategy. Because there are no simple rules that will tell players when to play their hands or when to fold since the strategy is based on all five cards that are in play. But first, players should be familiar with the strategy charts so that they can improvise and use their own tactics that will increase their chances of staying in the game longer and hopefully winning it. But if there is one thing that we should remember in live Casino Hold’em, and it is known when to fold your hand. Because if you don’t have good hole cards, it’s better to cut your losses and wait for another hand. But it is advised that you play out most of the hands.


Try to be reasonable and remember the worst hand you can play is still 2-7 off suit.

Another important thing is when to carry on With Your Hand.  When the flop comes out and you have a semi decent hand, continue betting and play out your hand. Don’t think of folding because that would be a wrong move. Because you need to remember that you are playing against only the dealer and not the other players seated at the live table. Meaning, the chances for a win will be decent, especially in a case when you have good hole cards and as well as the flop.